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Shashkin & Partners, Attorneys at Law, offers to their customers the full range of the legal services most often required by today’s businesses. Based in office in Moscow the Law Firm covers issues of Russian and foreign citizens, as well as reputation of your company in it is interactions with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Russian government.

Our professional team will ensure excellent results when implementing even the most sophisticated projects. Our law office is comprised of highly professional specialists and experts, acknowledged in different sectors of Russian business. This is confirmed by recommendations in such international and Russian legal reference publications as The leading lawyer of our company is in the TOP-75 lawyers of Russia with 15 years of experience.

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    Анализ документов Первичный анализ документов (договор, накладные, акты, иск и т.п.)
    Прогноз ситуации Прогноз развития ситуации, необходимые действия, оценка шансов
    Заключение договора Заключение договора
    Полное ведение дела Полное ведение дела под ключ до желаемого результата

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